They say that who has a book has a treasure, and is that, for the lovers of reading, there are few such pleasurable sensations as the open a book for the first time with odor to new, binding more aesthetics and be able to feel the texture of the paper.

Reading allows us to learn more about what interests us, dive time and experience first hand the most important moments of history; It makes us cry, makes us laugh and makes us feel at the time who travel the world through the letters. Since  LS we want to know the most emblematic libraries of the world ideal to visit and find the magic of reading in them.

Lello bookshop (Oporto) : For many, the most beautiful library in Europe. It was opened in 1906, so the classic atmosphere accompanied by a grand staircase of wood turning wood shelves. In this libreriasituada in the old of the city, its stained-glass ceiling allows to possess a great lighting giving a magical appearance.

Librairie des Colonnes (Tangier) : This Moroccan library collects its charm in a wonderful contrast between the frantic pace and noise of a commercial town and the tranquility that reigns within the library. It is characterized by huge columns of red and endless shelves of wood in perfect condition.

Shakespeare and Co (París) : Also used as a library, this library is a tourist icon in the city of light. His visit is a must. It is entitlement Bohemian and colourful appearance which can relate to French society.

Acqua Alta (Venice) : In one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This library is located on the water, which gives it a view of great beauty on the channel. Its inner charm lies in the large collection of works of literature that are grouped so cozy in a little space.

Bardon (Madrid) : It was founded over 60 years ago and is located in the Centre of the capital. This Madrid library manages to transport the visitor to times past with an exquisite odour to paper and ink. Considered one of the most attractive in the world, Bardon library is characterized by an extensive collection of early editions, since even the 16th century.